Antibiotics, Farms, and a Glowing Sea

Can the finding the right vibration be the key to new antibiotic production? I met again with the microbiologist, Dr. Hobbs, whom I had mentioned in a previous post who is studying sound and bacteria. I learned that he and another scientist, Dr. Murphy, are researching the effects of vibrations on antibiotic production along with … Continue reading Antibiotics, Farms, and a Glowing Sea


In preparation for my major project, I returned to the chemistry laboratory and took some videos of the ultrasound bath. In the one below you can see that it is forcing two chemicals (styrene and potassium permanganate) to mix although they would not otherwise mix: I asked Dr. Leach if this powerful sound force … Continue reading Ultralife

Microbial Mosaics

While researching possibilities of items to make out of my ever-growing supply of kombucha SCOBYs, I came across a biodesign and consultancy company called MakeGrowLab. Based in Poland, MakeGrowLab has developed various SCOBY products, including packaging and lamp shades. During a chat with a representative from MakeGrow, I learned that the company originally used kombucha … Continue reading Microbial Mosaics