Circadian Rhythms and Ragas

A time for everything: Circadian rhythms Have you ever wondered why you could breeze through a certain task at one time of day, but if done at a different time that same task felt impossible? Or why changing the time of your workout dramatically improved your sleep? The answers to these questions and others can … Continue reading Circadian Rhythms and Ragas


It has been awhile since my last post, so first of all I am excited to announce that I have opened a Microbial Mood Society6 online shop! Now you may buy cyanotype scanning electron microscope images on prints, stickers, and even cutting boards! Check it out here:   Aside from opening a shop, I … Continue reading Biohacking

Microbiota, It’s Cold Outside

I recently stumbled across some research into how gut bacteria may help regulate body temperature (a.k.a. thermoregulation). As someone who has the body temperature regulation skills of a tropical plant, I was intrigued. According to a recent article, researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences have found evidence that the gut microbiota play an important … Continue reading Microbiota, It’s Cold Outside