Semi-Living Garbage Bag

I promise I will get to explaining the meaning of this post’s title, but first some updates on my research. The microbiologist I have recently collaborated with mentioned to me once that part of his research involves testing how sound frequencies affect microbial growth (as in, exposing bacteria and yeast to different vibrations may encourage … Continue reading Semi-Living Garbage Bag

Scanning Electron Microscope

As it is nearing the end of the semester, I wanted to generate some artistic output from my SCOBY collaboration. The microbiologist I am collaborating with suggested I take a sample to the scanning electron microscope (SEM) lab. SEM scans a focused beam of electrons over the surface of a sample that has been coated … Continue reading Scanning Electron Microscope

Microbial Mosaics

While researching possibilities of items to make out of my ever-growing supply of kombucha SCOBYs, I came across a biodesign and consultancy company called MakeGrowLab. Based in Poland, MakeGrowLab has developed various SCOBY products, including packaging and lamp shades. During a chat with a representative from MakeGrow, I learned that the company originally used kombucha … Continue reading Microbial Mosaics

The Gut-Brain Axis and How What We Eat Affects How We Feel

Recently I had the opportunity to visit Oxford and London with my Art in Science cohort. Several parts of our time there contributed to my ongoing microbiome research and they were all displayed to the public in different ways, including a lecture, performance art, and a museum exhibit. In the following three posts I will … Continue reading The Gut-Brain Axis and How What We Eat Affects How We Feel