Bacterial Worlds

For my third and final post in my series on my trip to London and Oxford (read about my other experiences of the trip here and here), I will discuss the exhibition called Bacterial Worlds that was at the Oxford Natural History Museum. The exhibit focuses on uncovering the impact of the hidden worlds that … Continue reading Bacterial Worlds


Microbiome Rebirth Incubator

As I described in my previous post, my recent trip to Oxford and London was fruitful to my microbiome research. In this post I will describe the relevant art installation I saw at the Science Gallery London.   While in London, I saw the latest exhibit at the Science Gallery, Spare Parts, an exhibition informed … Continue reading Microbiome Rebirth Incubator

The Gut-Brain Axis and How What We Eat Affects How We Feel

Recently I had the opportunity to visit Oxford and London with my Art in Science cohort. Several parts of our time there contributed to my ongoing microbiome research and they were all displayed to the public in different ways, including a lecture, performance art, and a museum exhibit. In the following three posts I will … Continue reading The Gut-Brain Axis and How What We Eat Affects How We Feel