In preparation for my major project, I returned to the chemistry laboratory and took some videos of the ultrasound bath. In the one below you can see that it is forcing two chemicals (styrene and potassium permanganate) to mix although they would not otherwise mix:

I asked Dr. Leach if this powerful sound force has ever been used therapeutically, and he suggested I check out ultrasound as applied to physiotherapy (therapeutic ultrasound). According to the website I found, ultrasound can increase healing rates, tissue relaxation, heating, and blood flow, and scar tissue breakdown. It can even be used as a noninvasive method of administering medicine below the skin. I am wondering now how I have taken several classes in biomedical sciences and never heard of this. I again wonder how ultrasound could be applied to the human microbiome and gut health, and I plan to incorporate this idea into my major project.

I have also recently tried a new growth medium for my petri dishes using beef stock and jelly crystals. Check out my Instagram in the upcoming weeks for higher-quality pictures of these new plates than the ones below.

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